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Stealth Game Cam vs. Primos Game Cam

Are you in need of a game cam, but don't know where to start? You've came to the right page.

For the past 7 years I have used game cameras while scouting different spots and figuring out the time frame of animals movement. I have used brands such as Primos, Stealth, and Moultrie. It came down to four key features: security, user friendly, waterproof, and picture quality.

Primos Proof Cam-

  • Pros: low glow, .7 trigger speed, video & picture, waterproof, easy set up, night range of 80 feet, fair picture quality, integrated python lock across the front, features: time, date, moon phase, temp.

  • Cons: constant issue with the camera resetting time and dates, not capturing pictures, stops taking pictures after battery life gets to 70%, always calling customer service for special reset instructions, cameras ability to work gets worse after 2 years.

Stealth Cam 12.0-

  • Pros: quick set (very user friendly), takes 1-3 pictures per trigger, night range 60 feet, day time range up to 80 feet, integrated python lock through the back also locking the cameras latch also, low glow, waterproof, replaced batteries after 6 months and 24,000 pictures later, features: moon phase, time, date.

  • Cons: I have none!


  • Before setting up your game cam in the woods, do a trial run at the house.

  • Place the python lock itself near where your camera latches, it makes it harder from thieves.

  • Tuck in the extra tail to the lock and camera strap at the back of the tree. This keeps curious bears from playing with your camera.

  • Make sure your SD card is not in the "locking position." If the SD card is locked, it wont store any photos.

  • Use a larger storing SD card so you don't run out of storage space. I use the 32 GB, at most I've had 4,000 pictures on 1 card.

  • For security from thieves and bears, ALWAYS run a python lock!

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