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Drop Camp Hunting

More Outdoorsmen and Women are engaging in DIY backcountry hunts. To start off Archery and Rifle 2021 season, Huntlfuent kicked off DIY DROP CAMP!

Hunting is changing everyday, the industry is evolving daily, and hunters are training in preparation to take another step further to fill their freezer. As a guide I cannot tell you how mind-blowing it is to compare hunting in 1996 to 2021. Hunters are on the rise, more people are after DIY, and that's why I started DIY Drop Camps. If you don't want to hire me or any professional guide for a black bear, blacktail, or roosevelt elk hunt, you have the option of getting dropped off for 5 days packed full of hunting in the backcountry.

I give the hunter/hunting party my knowledge of the area to make their hunt successful. You are provided with a wall tent, cots, 2 coolers with ice for your downed game, ax, shovel, fire extinguisher, pot and pan, transportation to and from area, and a wood stove (depending on fire season regulations.) Hunters will need a communication devise, such as Garmin InReach Mini or Spot in order to communicate with me and a mapping system (OnX, BaseMap, etc). The goal of Drop Camp Hunting is to make it easier for the hunter or hunting party. I've talked with so many people that want to hunt from out of state or up state and they don't have the option to bring all their gear for drop camp, don't know the area they drew, don't have the money to spend for a guide, or they just simply want to do it themselves without the hassle. Depending on the species you are after Drop Camps are provided in the Chetco, Applegate, and Tioga Unit.

Every scenario is different, Drop Camps can be designed for every hunters needs.

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