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Antler Floral Arrangement


  • Skull Hooker Skull Cap Mounting System

  • Flowers

  • Drill & Drill Bits

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Wire Cutting Pliers

  • Needle Nose Pliers

  • Sharpie


  1. I started with a clean skull cap. If you need the steps to making a skull cap clean read the Skull Cap Clean-Up.

  2. If you choose to use the Skull Hooker System, it will have steps to follow on the side of the box. I started by mounting the bracket to the skull cap first! I used a sharpie to mark the drill holes. Then I used a small drill bit to start with, I gradually worked up to using a larger drill bit until the screws provided fit.

3. Once you put the nuts onto the screws it becomes a tight work space. To tighten them all the way, I used needle nose pliers to tighten them up.

4. Now flip the skull over, if needed prop it up against something. It's time to start using the hot glue gun and the flowers you have chosen. (Click Here to use the flowers I used.)

5. Use the wire cutting pliers to snip the flowers off. Once you decide where you want the flower, glue it on with your hot glue gun. In some areas you may need to be more generous with the glue.

6. After you finish with the flowers, its time to use the drill and hang the wall bracket. (I'm a very visual person so I held the antlers up to a few spots on the wall before I chose the right location.)

7. Attach the antlers to the bracket! I love the Skull Hooker System because it provides multiple angles for your antlers to hang.

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