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**3 for $15** SALE ENDING 9/1/20**

HUNTFLUENT GAME MARKING makes life easier while harvesting game. After the electronic tagging movement by ODFW, this marking system offers all the information needed when physically putting a 'tag' on downed game and quartering bags. It was not only my job as a guide to make sure my clients have the best experience, but to offer the same types of systems I use to fellow hunters. Each marking system comes with 8inch reusable velcro cables that can be reused for 'replacement cards' and can be easily adjustable. To write on this card, use a waterproof fine tip marker. This tag does NOT replace ODFW licenses or tags & IS NOT affliated with Oregon Fish and Wildlife. IT IS YOUR responsibility as a hunter to follow the ODFW REGS. For REGS & LAWS visit


  • All returns must be made within 15 days of receiving the product. Customer will need to pay return fees. The product must be in original packaging, unused, and all pieces accounted for. After 15 days, a refund will NOT be issued.

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