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After multiple units in Oregon have moved to "Travel Management," it has left hunters to walk into more road systems. Quite a few travel management areas have multiple road systems and skid roads that fork off of the main closed road. This marking system makes it easier and safer for others to know what road your on. The marking system provides an adjustable paracord to hang on tree limbs, closed gates, road number markers, etc. The marker itself has a bright orange appearance stating " HUNTER ON ROAD SYSTEM AHEAD" with a hazard symbol, the paracord is glow in dark, and on the back of the marker offers a place to write Hunter's Name and Number in case of an emergency. HUNTFLUENT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR HUNTERS DECISIONS OR SAFETY, IT IS SOLELY A HUNTERS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR SAFETY AND OTHERS AROUND THEM.


  • All returns must be made within 15 days of receiving the product. Customer will need to pay return fees. The product must be in original packaging, unused, and all pieces accounted for. After 15 days, a refund will NOT be issued.

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