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Hydration Bladder Maintenance

After your hydration bladder has sat unused or has been used a lot, cleaning it should be your #1 priority.


  1. Fill the hydration bladder with hot water.

  2. Place one cleaning tablet in the hot water, close the bladder, roll the bladder back and forth, and run the water through the hose.

3. I like to let my hydration bladder sit over night. Depending on the tablets you use, it

it may suggest letting the bladder sit for 30 minutes or less.

4. Now that its set, you need to empty the cleaning water out.

5. Give the hydration bladder a good rinse by filling it back up with cold water, shake it

shake it around, run it through the hose a few times, and empty the water out.

6. Your hydration bladder is ready for use!


  • Hydration cleaning tablets can be found here.

  • To flavor your water if it tastes like "plastic" you can add drops of lemon to the hydration bladder.

  • If the mouth piece to your hose needs washed use dawn dish soap and warm water.

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