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How To Clean Your Game Bags

When it comes to cleaning your game bags, you want them looking spotless and smelling clean... well, if your anything like me. I'm going to share with you how to get stains out of your game bags and the smell of bear oil. For early fall bear hunts the mixture of heat and bear fat oils can leave a smell you wont enjoy.

Items You Need

Laundry Detergent (any kind)

Dawn Dish Soap

Sink/Bucket for soaking

Game Bags (brand I use are Kuiu & Allen Big Game)

Spray & Wash

Clear Ammonia


  1. I start by spraying off my game bags inside and out with a hose getting meat chunks, hair, and fat off.

  2. Add dawn dish soap to hot water in a sink or bucket, let the game bags sit in this for an hour.

  3. Ring out the water from the game bags.

  4. Its time to put your game bags in the washer. For the 6 game bags I had my settings were set to a "small load." Use the hot/cold temperature setting and mix in your laundry detergent and bleach. Add the game bags.

  5. After the cycle is complete, pull out your game bags and spray the inside and out with SPRAY & WASH. I like the lather them. Let them sit while you start these next steps.

  6. Start a new load, this time mix in laundry detergent and a small amount of clear ammonia. Use the hot/cold water temperature again. Add your game bags.

  7. After the cycle is complete, the washing steps are complete. Dry your game bags in the dryer. (I use the low heat setting.)

  8. They come out looking like new!

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